The YETI SnowMX front and rear assemblies are mounted to your dirt bike with specifically designed parts listed below. The individual parts that allow the YETI SnowMX to be mounted to your bike are called the “Adapter kit”.

Each bike Adapter kit can be configured with a Solid Strut rod, OR with a RRS long travel suspension (RRS is optional in Canada and RRS is standard in USA in all models).


Prior to assembly of the YETI onto the bike, extend the bike mount plates all the way by turning the eccentric cam bolt clockwise until it stops. This will give you the maximum room to install your YETI.

To ease chain installation, turn the eccentric cam bolt counterclockwise until it stops, giving you the maximum chain slack to install the master link.

The Bike Adaptors are installed into the bike adapter plates using the special tool that is suppled in the YETI parts box. 

After you press in both of the Bike Adapters, be sure to put on the chain slider and chain slider spring before installing on to the bike.


Q:  What if the YETI rear assembly does not fit my frame/engine cases?

A:  Please check the part numbers on the Bike Adaptors and reference the Bike Adapter to ensure you have the correct parts. If you have the wrong parts contact your dealer. If you have technical difficulty please contact YETI SnowMX at 780 419 2040.

Q: My chain is too short or too long, why?

A: There are 2 chain lengths that are possible to fit on most dirt bikes when adapting the YETI. Please ensure that you have adjusted the chain eccentric tension system to take up the slack. If the chain still does not fit, check the Bike Adapter chart to ensure you have the correct chain. 

Q: I am getting a new bike will my current Bike Adapters fit my new bike?

A: There are many different Bike Adapters, each machined for the specific bike. Some bikes do use the same Bike Adapters, check the Bike Adapter chart here to learn what parts you will need to swap.

bike mount INSTALLATION ( first half of video)