2018 YETI SnowMX – Brake caliper bolts recall

Camso is issuing a voluntary product recall on all 2018 YETI SnowMX models manufactured from August 28, 2017 to April 16, 2018 due to a potential problem that may arise with some brake caliper assembly bolts that may not have been tightened adequately.

A possibility exists that these bolts may become loose thereby reducing the braking system’s power and lengthening stopping distances.

To ensure your safety, all owners of the YETI SnowMX MY18 should bring their system to their closest authorized YETI SnowMX dealer to take recall action on this issue. You can also call the service department at +1 (877) 866-2275.

For further details, you can refer to the Service Bulletin that contains the necessary instructions.

See the recall information on U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and on Transport Canada.

YETI Gas can update

In 2018, YETI Snow MX launched its popular Snowcheck program to offer extra incentives to its customers, including the YETI Gas can to allow riders to conveniently carry extra fuel.

Unfortunately, the YETI Gas can was not properly certified. Camso, the parent company of YETI SnowMX is now working to ensure all new YETI Gas cans meet the necessary certification requirements which could take several months.

If you ordered one you have the option of waiting until a certified fuel can becomes available or you can be refunded through your dealership. Every effort is being made to ensure a new, certified YETI Gas can will be available for the next snowbike season.



YES, It has taken a while on this one, and we appreciate everyones input and feedback! We have built many variations of this rack and tested it with a few riders last winter. There are many options and we decided to make this part as simple as possible, yet flexible in design for each customer to adapt as you might see fit, for your needs.

We made the rack with 4 billet ends that have 4 threaded M6 holes, two vertical that are not used at this time and two horizontal. These extra 8 M6 holes will allow you to mount whatever you might like onto the rack, just fab it up and away you go. All parts on the cargo rack are anodized clear.

The racks are 11.25” I.D width, by 14” long for the 120 YETI, by 18.5” long for the 129 YETI and 23” long for the 137” YETI.

The YETI rack will come with the quick release rear pins, the rear plastic injected moulded mount, the foam for under the mount, the (4) billet rail ends, (2) side rails with multiple holes for attachment, (6) cross bars and all fasteners.

This rack system is quick release, and strong.



Nothing is more exciting than a precision machined part out of titanium 6AL-4V. This year we worked extra hard to find a way to make the YETI SNOWMX BETTER HIGHER FASTER. For 2017 this shaft is standard equipment, and is offered to each current YETI owner as a CAU option.

This titanium 1 1/16” drive shaft with drivers weighs in at 3 pounds, 04 oz, vs. last years drive shaft with drivers at 5 pounds, 08 oz a savings of 2 pounds, 04 oz.


How do I order? Each YETI customer can either order from your dealer of choice or order from our online store, and complete their purchase there. The new store will be open in September 2016. You will be required to enter your YETI serial number to qualify for the CAU special offer.

This part is CAU priced at $399 Canadian funds.

You can place your order in our store and choose the dealer you would like your parts to be shipped to. Your parts will be shipped to the dealer of your choice, and you can pick them up there. If there are no dealers close to you, you can choose the no dealer near me option and we will ship them directly to you.

If you have any questions please click on “Ask YETI” and send us an email, we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Thank you





We thank you, our customers again for your feedback and learnings last winter! We appreciate your business, and we are here to build the best, most reliable YETI SNOWMX possible for all to enjoy!

What is a YETI Customer Appreciation Upgrade?

It is an offer to each customer who owns a YETI, at a very special price to allow them to upgrade their YETI with the new parts that are continuously developing.

They must be ordered from the YETI online store that will open in September 2016.


We tested and rode the 21mm wide belt on many different bikes of all sizes, including turbo bikes, and even trimmed the belt to 15mm wide to ensure our belt was more than enough at 21mm wide. This winter we truly experienced the rental market, and that exposed us to some new learnings.

Rental riders would take their YETI and get it stuck and hold it wide open while sitting on the bike and drop the clutch repeatedly, hoping the bike would “hop” out of the hole they just dug with them on it. Sooner or later the belt would snap, at it would not take that shock load.

We did a blind test, and just swapped out the 21mm wide belts on the rentals for 28mm wide and did not tell anyone to ride any different. The result was no more belt breakage at all, since then.

They say ride it like you stole it (or rented it) and this has been a great learning for us. Rental customers ride YETI’s in a way the average person who purchased one probably does not, but it is our goal to build a YETI that can take all the abuse you can give it, regardless. At YETI SNOWMX we relentlessly keep improving the YETI to make it the best we can, always, period. We don’t care how hard you ride it, you should!

I have talked to customers who were mad and said “hey you said I would not need this wider belt, but now you have it on your 2017 YETI’s”, and shared that I have talked to lots of riders who never broke one belt last year, and they are not upgrading. But some riders were able to break a couple belts, and wanted the upgrade.

Each bike has different engine vibrations, harmonics, clutches, gear ratios, plus snow types, rider styles etc, there are a lot of variables.

The 21mm wide belt has an average breaking force of 5395 pounds, the 28mm wide belt has an average breaking point of 7445 pounds, substantial increase.

We learned that the 28mm wide belt will take the track ratcheting on the drivers also and it does not seem to matter, although we do not recommend it. And we learned that the 28mm wide belt can handle more range of belt tension with no problems. 

How do I order? Each YETI customer can either order from your dealer of choice or order from our online store. The new store will be open in September 2016. You will be required to enter your YETI serial number to qualify for the CAU special offer.

The special price for this offer is $299 Canadian, a regular $550 package.

When ordering the CAU’s on our website they will ship to the dealer of your choice.

If there are no dealers near you, you can choose “ no dealer close to me” and we will verify this and ship it to you directly, after we verify your location.

If you have any questions about the 28mm CAU package please click the “Ask YETI” tab and send me an email.











It’s been a great summer preparing for this winter! We’ve been testing the YETI in the dirt the heavy wet/icy frozen snow up until the start of July and on the water just for fun.  Going over every detail, working hard to make the 2017 YETI, BETTER HIGHER FASTER.

First, we thank you, our customers! All of you, who have called, emailed and given us their feedback to help us learn about their experiences, how they use their YETI SNOWMX, and how they set it up, and what they learned.  Based on customer feedback we have tweaked a few things, and learned a lot. We will share all these learnings and post them, so each of you that have a YETI can make it work for you, BETTER. Be sure to look in under the tools tab, then assemblies then tech tips for the latest info.

Next, stay tuned for video’s showing you new set up’s, which include the proper strut rod set up, for proper ski pressure in all snow conditions ( this has changed since last winter, and the original set up procedure has changed too), we will go over the limiter strap length, and how to check it, and some basic YETI maintenance items to look at.

Plus we will go over the new YETI Deflector design, and how to get your free one, part of our YETI ongoing product improvement plan.

We will also share news on our Customer Appreciation Upgrades (CAU) and how to order them.   Each customer with a YETI, can use their serial number to get an extra discount as a “Thank-you” from us on all the CAU parts, helping you, make your YETI the best it can be.

Finally, after we review the past winter, we will introduce the 2017 YETI models, the new team of professional athletes for this winter, the new online store, contests and more.

Hang on and we are going to get rolling! Here comes winter, and it is going to be awesome!