YES, It has taken a while on this one, and we appreciate everyones input and feedback! We have built many variations of this rack and tested it with a few riders last winter. There are many options and we decided to make this part as simple as possible, yet flexible in design for each customer to adapt as you might see fit, for your needs.

We made the rack with 4 billet ends that have 4 threaded M6 holes, two vertical that are not used at this time and two horizontal. These extra 8 M6 holes will allow you to mount whatever you might like onto the rack, just fab it up and away you go. All parts on the cargo rack are anodized clear.

The racks are 11.25” I.D width, by 14” long for the 120 YETI, by 18.5” long for the 129 YETI and 23” long for the 137” YETI.

The YETI rack will come with the quick release rear pins, the rear plastic injected moulded mount, the foam for under the mount, the (4) billet rail ends, (2) side rails with multiple holes for attachment, (6) cross bars and all fasteners.

This rack system is quick release, and strong.