YETICAN info for 2017 YETI customer orders.

The good news is that the first YETICANs will be landing shortly.  We will starting to ship these to our dealers the week of December 19, 2016. The first YETICANs to be shipped will be snowchecked order, followed by backorders and then current orders.

The new YETICAN is now red in colour, as this correspond to the international standard for small fuel storage and fuel carrying vessel. The YETICAN is manufactured in accordance to CSA standards and it will go through the certification process in the future. In order to satisfy the standards, the design and manufacture of this new YETICAN has costed us more time and delay in our production and shipping...we are sorry for the wait. 

We thank-you for your business.


The YETICAN for 2017 has a new mount with a quick attachment ratchet strap that is easy to use.


 New YETICAN (RED) with heavy wall.

New YETICAN (RED) with heavy wall.