YETI SYNCRODRIVE “Quick Gear Changes” Demonstration, and Evolution video

Thanks for all your positive comments on the new website last week!

We have a lot of technical explanations to share and many more evolutions stories on the YETI Snow MX. Sign up for the YETI newsletter and be first to see what it going on. 

We will also talk to the FAQ’s that you all send me at the “ASK YETI” tab on our website, so please fire them in, I am looking at them, building video’s answer them all.

My favourite question is “How strong is the carbon fibre?” “How do you protect the carbon fibre?”. I have learned that carbon fibre is the perfect material for the YETI, I can explain that through typing or FEA photo’s or high tech stuff, most of your will be bored of all that tech, so I will just smash stuff with my hammers and sledge hammers, and forklift etc, which you will find more appealing and gets the point across quickly.

We have not stopped testing the YETI, regardless if there is no snow at all. 

Here is a video on the Syncrodrive belt drive system on the YETI Snow MX, and how quickly you can change the gears.  This is useful for those who have a 5 speed close ratio bikes, who want to pass their friends on a 6spd wide ratio bike, simple gearing changes, fast!

Thanks again for tuning in, we are excited to release all this info, enjoy!