It’s been a great summer preparing for this winter! We’ve been testing the YETI in the dirt the heavy wet/icy frozen snow up until the start of July and on the water just for fun.  Going over every detail, working hard to make the 2017 YETI, BETTER HIGHER FASTER.

First, we thank you, our customers! All of you, who have called, emailed and given us their feedback to help us learn about their experiences, how they use their YETI SNOWMX, and how they set it up, and what they learned.  Based on customer feedback we have tweaked a few things, and learned a lot. We will share all these learnings and post them, so each of you that have a YETI can make it work for you, BETTER. Be sure to look in under the tools tab, then assemblies then tech tips for the latest info.

Next, stay tuned for video’s showing you new set up’s, which include the proper strut rod set up, for proper ski pressure in all snow conditions ( this has changed since last winter, and the original set up procedure has changed too), we will go over the limiter strap length, and how to check it, and some basic YETI maintenance items to look at.

Plus we will go over the new YETI Deflector design, and how to get your free one, part of our YETI ongoing product improvement plan.

We will also share news on our Customer Appreciation Upgrades (CAU) and how to order them.   Each customer with a YETI, can use their serial number to get an extra discount as a “Thank-you” from us on all the CAU parts, helping you, make your YETI the best it can be.

Finally, after we review the past winter, we will introduce the 2017 YETI models, the new team of professional athletes for this winter, the new online store, contests and more.

Hang on and we are going to get rolling! Here comes winter, and it is going to be awesome!