Nothing is more exciting than a precision machined part out of titanium 6AL-4V. This year we worked extra hard to find a way to make the YETI SNOWMX BETTER HIGHER FASTER. For 2017 this shaft is OPTIONAL and is offered to each current YETI owner as a CAU option.

This titanium 1 1/16” jackshaft  weighs in at 9.4oz vs. last years jack shaft with at 1 pounds, 2oz a savings of 8.5oz.


How do I order? Each YETI customer can either order from your dealer of choice or order from our online store, and complete their purchase there. The new store will be open in September 2016. You will be required to enter your YETI serial number to qualify for the CAU special offer.

This part is CAU priced at $169.95 Canadian funds.

You can place your order in our store and choose the dealer you would like your parts to be shipped to. Your parts will be shipped to the dealer of your choice, and you can pick them up there. If there are no dealers close to you, you can choose the no dealer near me option and we will ship them directly to you.

If you have any questions please click on “Ask YETI” and send us an email, we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Thank you