The 2018 YETI SNOWMX is now becoming the most reliable and the most exciting snow MX conversion kit across the world. Thanks to our team of skilled technicians and experienced motocross and snowmobile fanatics, each of the components comprising our conversion kit are the result of several generations of design thoroughly tested in the harshest Canadian environment.


Feature: Front and rear conversion kit in part an integrated concept
Benefit: MAXKEEL SKI and MAXTRAK II track were designed using the same 20” radius, making your bike with a YETI on it feel as close to a bike on tires. Trail maneuvers are smooth, consistent and fun. An easy to use chain tension system keeps your chain in an overall efficient design, no extra idler wheels to deal with. YETI is equipped with only metric fine thread fasteners (12mm and 17mm heads), minimum tools.


Feature: Lightest conversion kit on the market vs. competitors, up to 30+ lbs lighter
Benefit: Removing weight from your single cylinder dirt bike makes a huge difference, especially when climbing a mountain. less weight = more power …simple.


Feature: Strongest conversion kit on the market. Carbon fibre engineered chassis design, FEA modelled, aerospace components.
Benefit: Carbon fibre is as strong as steel, and 7X lighter than steel, and does not fatigue. Welded or cast materials may flex, but they fatigue and crack constantly. Carbon will never fatigue, it can vibrate take hits, and flex indefinitely. The YETI chassis has up to 16 layers of carbon providing the ultimate in strength to weight. YETI includes all titanium hardware, and hi-grade aluminum components.


Feature: Belt drive system
Benefit: Belts are overall 22% more efficient over a chain drive system, and require the least horsepower to start rolling, providing the quickest acceleration keeping you on top of the powder from start. No lubrication, quick change gears make gearing swaps a snap.


Feature: MAXKEEL SKI, wide front nose and deep keel UHMW material such as standard snowmobile skis
Benefit: MAXKEEL SKI holds the line on the trail and in the powder. Consistent, dependable handling you can count on star turn, no surprises. You’re in control, ride in confidence.


Feature: Single ply design...larger windows...lightweight, New 2.5” lug design with outer edge towers
Benefit: Designed to float in the powder, and handle like a bike on the trail. standing up taller with more support and cuts through the crust when needed.


Feature: Reactor Rear Suspension by “NEXTECH” a leader in high performance lightweight snowmobile suspension systems. Built strong, light and extremely dependable.
Benefit: Responsive on demand, smooth when you need it to be, the Reactor rear suspension equipped with Raptor performance shocks absorbs the trail whoops, big hits and g-outs. Shock cross shafts and upper rear shaft are solid 6AL-4V titanium. Front suspension arm is also welded Titanium. Rear suspension travel is 9 3/4”at the rear shock and 8 1/2” at the front shock.


Feature: RRS made by RAPTOR PERFORMANCE SHOCKS rear suspension with “POW” lever
Benefit: Have all the rear suspension you need to cruise up the trail smoothly with over 25” of rear travel, saving your back and your body. Once you are at the top of the trail flip the “POW” leaver and valve the RRS down to a slow speed dampening system that keeps it stiffer for powder riding, helping you accelerate up the deep powder hills, but valved to giving you an extra 12” of travel instantly if you drop a big one by surprise.


Feature: Rapid mounting and removable Wheel kit
Benefit: Allowing you to easily move your bike around the shop, load in the trailer, or drive up the muddy trail


Feature: Efficient accessories in integrated design
Benefit: YETICAN Utility can, holds 17 litres or 4.5 gallons of your favourite liquid up under your rear seat, where the weight is much less noticeable, 18” ahead of where the competition mounts theirs, making your bike much more ridable when loaded. Rear rack system holds your belongings secured with quick release. Remove your YETICAN and rack with fast release systems, and go pound the hills, clip it back on and go.


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