C3 POWERSPORTS, one hardcore Canadian company, is proud to introduce its new and improved 2017 YETI SNOWMX snowbike models. Following are only some of the many features of the new 2017 YETI SNOWMX models. 

See what makes the YETI Better, Higher and Faster!


  1. Clear-coated carbon fibre chassis with underlaid custom aggressive yeti graphics.
  2. Carbon chassis has been rotated 2 degrees giving a more aggressive stance and look, lifting the rear bumper an additional 2" * image not available
  3.  Standard automatic chain tensioner system, taking up chain stretch between rides.
  4. RRS suspension adds additional 11" of suspension travel to the existing 11" of travel for a total of 22" total travel (total travel depends on chassis length, varies slightly).
  5. RRS shock features a 20 position clicker adjuster for the compression dampening.
  6. RRS shock, featuring a “POW” lever. Ride the trail with 22” of travel, then flip the lever when you get to the powder, helping you climb in the powder by tremendously stiffening the compression dampening, but still allowing full compression stroke if you drop off something unexpected.
  7. Raptor coil over suspension with 20 clicks of compression dampening dial to provide you with the best ride you can imagine. Quick and responsive.
  8. "Anti-ice" brake rotor, gives positive braking regardless of any snow conditions  
  9. Maxtrax II, enhanced and re-tooled design, giving extra bite in the harder crusted snow plus, with new lug design, powder will scoops keeping the lug standing up taller in all snow conditions, and outside drive lugs removed.
  10. 28mm wide syncrodrive belt vs 21mm in 2016, 33% stronger, tested.
  11. Redesigned syncrodrive deflector, thicker on 4 surfaces, and new lip locks in cover keeping snow out, plus constructed out of new material for increased impact strength.
  12. Full colour custom anodizing options ( for Snowcheck orders only)
  13. Custom titanium driveshaft, lower shock cross shafts and upper rear suspension shafts all standard. Upgradable titanium Jackshaft is available.
  14. Maxkeel ski comes with two new colours: "White" and "Yellow"
  15. Quick release rail system to tie down your cargo while you ride. Remove it quickly to hit the hill.


The MAXKEEL SKI is conveniently CAD designed with the same radius profile of the MAXTRAX track making your YETI package feel like a motorcycle on the dirt.The new standard in precise handling on the trail or in deep powder. Ride with confidence and stay in control with the consistent handling of the deep keel design. Ride with one hand, relax, have fun. 


Co-designed by Camso and YETI, the MAXTRAX  puts the most horsepower to the snow with the lightest design available and 2.5” paddle design. New for 2017 enhanced MAXTRAX II lug profile for better hard snow performance. Free up horsepower by reducing rotating mass. MAXTRAK II manufactured with special internal track rods allowing the track to flex when cornering, climbing easily and voted by our customers “ most natural dirt bike feeling conversion kit.”

New for 2017, MAXTRAX II.

25% stiffer lug design helps the paddle stand up in harder snow, and increased snow cupping in the powder conditions increasing performance. Outside unused drive lugs have been removed, reducing 1.75lbs of weight offsetting the increase to the stiffer lugs. 


Co-designed by Raptor Suspension and YETI, this piggy back reservoir shock, features 20 clicks of compression adjustment allowing the rider to quickly fine tune to their preferred ride. The RRS adds an additional 11” of suspension travel to the YETI’s standard 11” giving you 22”+ of suspension, soaking up those trails with ease.



100% Billet Aluminum Construction •100% High Speed CNC Machined to Exacting Tolerances • Highest Quality Synthetic Blended Fluid • High Strength Delrin Bushings • Cutting Edge Computer Aided Design Software • Cutting Edge Fluid and Thermal Dynamic Modeling Software • Elegant Lightweight Ground Up Design • Progressive high flow Piston Design • Progressive Valve Codes • Internal Blow Off Valve • 20 position clicker • RAP (Rapid Adjust Preload) • NEST (Seal Technology)


New for 2017 Automatic chain tension system, standard on all models.

New for 2017, each YETI comes with an automatic chain tension system (ACT). This simple system, takes up any extra chain stretch between chain tension adjustments. 


New for 2017, the YETI belt drive deflector, has been made in a new material, tested for impact at -30C and many times stronger than our current material. The overall thickness has also been changed in 4 key areas to increase strength and reliability and the bottom of the deflector has a new lip that comes over the clear cover, stoping snow ingestion, and locking the cover in place. This part will be provided free of charge to all 2016 YETI customers, as a product improvement plan.


New for 2017 38% stronger.

The C3 SYNCRODRIVE is 22% more efficient than a chain drive, maximizing the horsepower delivery of your bike to the snow. Easy to use and maintain, no grease no mess. Gearing changes with splined shafts can be made any time or place in less than 5 min. Try new gearing combo’s easily.  New for 2017 YETI models, a 29mm wide belt for increased strength.


Machined from 6AL-4V this Titanium Drive and Jackshaft combination make the ultimate statement that you want the lightest YETI that can be built without compromise. These Titanium shafts are 2.4 pounds lighter than the 1144 steel shafts that are standard equipment in the YETI, saving you weight and freeing up more horsepower for your YETI unique combination.


Built to very tight tolerances utilizing a lightweight, yet very strong Carbon Fibre chassis, CAD designed and FEA tested. Titanium bolts and suspension components combined with billet anodized aluminum make the YETI a very strong, yet light weight package.


No compromise on fit and finish, high attention to detail throughout, YETI makes a statement that you expect the best. YETI SNOWMX conversion kit delivers the lightest weight, highest performance of any Snow MX conversion. Accessorize your YETI to match your bike, and make a statement without saying a word. Custom packages only available during snow check, get your custom YETI order in to your dealer by April 12, 2016.