Many months of design have evolved into the final YETI Fuel Can and mount system for the YETI SNOW MX carbon chassis.

The YETI SNOW MX Fuel can is 4.5 US gallons or 17 litres, mounted right up under the rear fender of your MX bike, keeping 27lbs of fuel as far forward as possible.

Utilizing a quick push pin release system, the YETI Fuel can, is released quickly in a few seconds and can be left on the ground allowing the rider to go tear up the hills without the extra weight. When you are ready to go traveling on, again, in a few seconds it is re-attached and away you go! Hauling fuel has never been so easy. NO tie downs, bungie straps, etc!

Keep your bike light and responsive by running the stock MX fuel tank your bike comes with and use the YETI Fuel Can to haul your fuel. 

The YETI Fuel Can does not touch the carbon fibre chassis, it locks into the YETI Fuel Can mount system, and into the billet YETI tunnel chassis plates.

The YETI Fuel Can mount, is also the start of the integrated rail system, that will be released next month.

The YETI Fuel Can and Mount have MSRP of $299. They will be in stock November 15, 2015.

NOTE: YETI Fuel Can will clear Boondocker Turbo systems. For reference, the large Mountain Addictions fuel can holds 3.3 US gallons, and their small can holds 1.5 US gallons.

Here is a quick look at the YETI SNOW MX accessory fuel tank, 4.5 US gallons, 17.0 Litres.